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Key Papers on Iron Aerosols for CH4 Oxidization

Wittmer & Zetzsch


An early paper describing how iron oxide aerosol encourages the generation of chlorine radicals.  Smog chamber data

Oeste, de Richter, Ming, Calliol


A description of the method we plan to use to oxidize methane, within the context of all the complex interactions of atmospheric chemistry.

Ming, de Richter, Oeste, Tulip


A shorter description of the methodology we are implementing.

Jackson, Abernathy et. al


An overview of all current methods under study for removing atmospheric methane. The iron salt aerosol method is featured.

Abernathy, O'Connor, Jones, Jackson


Estimation of the impact of removing atmospheric methane on global surface temperature

Qinyi Li, Daphne Meidan, et. al 2023

Adding 630,

1250, and 1880 Tg Cl/year to the RCP8.5 scenario, chosen to have the most

consistent current-day trends of methane, will decrease the surface temperature

by 0.2, 0.4, and 0.6 °C by 2050, respectively.

Maarten M. J. W. van Herpen, Qinyi Lib, Alfonso Saiz-Lopez, Jesper B. Liisberg, et. al 2023

Using a combination of field data and global modeling, we demonstrate a mechanism in which a mix of Sahara dust and sea spray aerosol activated by sunlight produces large amounts of active chlorine. 

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