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The past year-plus has been one of science, outreach, planning, and a lot of conversations.  Currently we are busy doing further outreach and science in the lab.

We are now (early 2023) moving into our own (non-shared) facility and will soon start to generate data we can share.  The goal of this work is to generate more extensive lab data than have previously been available, in order to build better prediction models; share with colleagues, collaborators, regulators, and such; as well as guide the design of a future dispenser.  A timetable has not yet been set for open air experimentation; it will depend upon what we learn from performance and safety, and upon discussions with the appropriate regulatory agencies, including the Safety and Governance Board.

Outreach (learning) will extend in the coming months to some frontline communities, specifically including underrepresented island communities.  As before, our objectives remain inbound (for us to learn) not outbound (we are not interested in persuading anyone of anything).  We will also be expanding our engagement with scientists, other labs, and government.

Watch this page as we expand it to include news, updates (blog), and data.  And learn what we are learning!

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