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How you can help

Blue Dot Change is building a team of people passionate about repairing the climate and who want to bring their skills to bear on humanity’s biggest challenge. We believe success is drawn from the combined efforts of a motivated, diverse, and talented team. We seek to provide a working environment that encourages cooperation, innovation, and mutual respect. 

We are an early stage company founded by an experienced team.  Joining a company like ours at this stage provides the opportunity to materially shape the solutions we develop to fight global scale problems.

Our engineering and science center is in Silicon Valley, USA, and certain jobs in those disciplines are there too (when you’re working on the hardware or doing science experiments, you can’t use the equipment if you aren’t next to it).  Other positions are location insensitive.

What we need right now.

Every job in an early stage team has a big impact from broad responsibility that shifts over time.  Such a team needs experienced people who like to get their hands dirty.  Because every person brings different skill sets, and because the work changes as the company develops, the usual, big-company formal and detailed job descriptions are less useful when recruiting team members.  If we do end up working together, a job offer will come with a job description specific to you.


That being said, some things are clear:

We are looking for people with broad experience in their domain, comfortable with uncertainty and with the confidence to make and execute on a decision where the correct answer is not clear (likely after talking with others).


What we are doing is new, and requires novel solutions whether in chemistry, engineering, or communication.  Your experience should guide you in making the right choices whether to build something new or to understand that some novel problem can be handled with an existing approach.


Your experience probably has had you managing others in past jobs.  In the early stages everybody needs to think like a manager and yet act as an individual contributor.  You should be comfortable diving in and handling a spanner, a gas cylinder, or writing copy, as the job should require.  Perhaps all three!


You should be comfortable working with remote and partially-remote colleagues from all sorts of different backgrounds (for example the three founders come from three different countries, none living in their home country).


So if this sounds exciting and if you think you have some of the skills below, please get in touch so we can start the conversation!


Our primary needs:

Senior Chemical Engineer (Silicon Valley): This can be a part time or full time role depending on the candidate.  Responsible for management of our lab (smog chamber and larger scale experiments) developing protocols and working as a peer with the Chief Engineer and Chief Scientist to develop the shipboard apparatus.  Candidate may be an experienced corporate candidate or a post doc or grad student looking for a part time side job. 

Communications Specialist (Anywhere): The job name doesn’t tell the whole story!  This is a communications role including Marketing and Outreach.  You will be working with the founders to help develop the appropriate messages, and also working at the low level on social media, press, website, and others.  Within a few months this will probably be a very demanding job.  You must be fluent in English.

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