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Bennuto (formerly Blue Dot Change)

Reducing the maritime industry’s climate impact & generating high-quality carbon removal credits

Bennuto is developing a new shipboard solution to destroy atmospheric methane and is collaborating with Lomar to pilot the technology this year. Bennuto’s innovative technology not only reduces the maritime industry's climate impact, but also generates high-quality carbon removal credits.

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, and its removal is an increasing focus of governments and industries around the world. By targeting methane in the maritime environment, we're tackling a source of emissions from shipping and offering a tangible solution for the industry to achieve its net-zero goals.


Bennuto’s methane removal technology will be mounted above a ship’s bridge and run autonomously, using advanced photochemistry to destroy methane in the air above ship routes.

Bennuto is piloting with Lomar this year and will deploy with them in 2025. We will operate the equipment as a fleet, with the intent to scale so that our partners will have access to high-quality removal certificates that can make journeys carbon-neutral, or even carbon-negative, regardless of journey conditions. 


Get in touch: Want to learn more about how our technology works? Interested in hosting Bennuto equipment on board your fleet? For any inquiries, please reach out to

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